Mission / Vision

Our Mission Statement

Communities United for Children and Families is a community-focused non-profit organization in Lassen County, CA.  CUCF is an umbrella organization consisting of one board of directors managing two family resource centers serving the Doyle, Herlong, Milford and Westwood areas.  Although each center is unique, we strive to provide services which include but are not limited to the following:  Food Security, Family Development, Peer to Peer Support, Bridges out of Poverty,  Employment Assistance, Resource and referral, Application Assistance and Community Outreach.  We have existing partnerships with many community organizations, most notably Lassen County Health and Social Services, with whom we share a vision that our collaboration is the most efficient way to serve our rural communities.


 Description and Vision of  our Organization

Communities United for Children and Families (CUCF) is a non-profit corporation running two Family Resource Centers in Lassen County,  This organization began in 1997 as ComPac.  The Community Planning and Advisory Council, specializing in linking services to clients of Lassen County.  Over the past ten years the organization had held on to these core values, but also elaborated services to provide programs and services at the Family Resource Centers, to become a catalyst for change.  The expanded purpose of CUCF is to promote healthy communities in Lassen County through collaboration.  A healthy community is one in which each member takes responsibility for the social, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and vocational needs of the community as a whole.  The benefits of an emphasis on excellence are shared by all in quality health care, environmental stewardship, strong civic infrastructure, healthy economy, quality education, cultural and recreational opportunities, as well as spiritual growth and a sense of community.  CUCF is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors consisting of members from many areas of Lassen County.